The doors of Pandora & Associates, the first warehouse of extraordinary objects and creatures, opened on June 22. Since then, the Land of Tales has delighted the hearts of everyone, from children to adults, including neophytes, escape game addicts and specialized bloggers. Tale Rules has found its audience, so much so that it was nominated for the Escape Game Awards, a competition for French escape game rooms, as well as for TERPECA, the world ranking of escape game rooms. A real pride for Eludice!

Fantastic feedback
Reviews are unanimous, from players on Tripadvisor or, from experienced escape gamers such as who gave it 20/20 or Jooniz who rated it 4.8/5, l’escapeur or who made it their Top 1 in Paris. The warehouse must indeed have magical virtues to get such a consensus! Here is a small selection of players’ feedbacks:

– Manouk: “More than 70 escape games done and I think it’s my number 1. I’m not going to say anything so as not to spoil but this room is an absolute wonder! A must do!”

– RevlisgrF: “This room is obviously to be categorized as an escape but it is part of those scenarios that make the concept evolve and that, in time, will allow it to be renewed.”

– Christine: “An immersion at the top, a perfectly put together scenario that makes us travel. Good and very interesting enigmas that make us forget time. Already used to escape, this experience was by far my favorite! “


Created in 2018, the Top Escape room Project has the ambition to list the escape game rooms around the world and especially to unearth the most ingenious, the most immersive, in short, the best… A real challenge that we can only be admiring and grateful for because it gives real visibility and recognition to all escape game operators.

This contest is divided into several selection phases:
– phase 1: Players with more than 200 played escape game rooms to their credit can vote for 20 rooms. If a room receives 3 votes at this stage, it is automatically selected in phase 2.
– phase 2: Players who have played more than 50 rooms can vote for the rooms selected in phase 1.
In 2020, 2940 rooms have been pre-selected. Among these, only 281 rooms were favored by the 186 most experienced players, including 16 rooms and 1 French online adventure.

You have played more than 50 rooms and you want to participate in this ranking? Voting is not over yet, you have until November 30th to register and to select the best escape game rooms. So go to !

We are very honored to be able to say that one of our creations is still in the final stage of this contest and warmly thank all those who contributed to this success.