ACTION GAME – The new success for creators of immersive game rooms…
Try the adventure!

Creators of escape games or immersive games, are you looking for a new concept?

An Action Game is a mixture of escape game and physical challenges!

An innovative game concept composed of several rooms (from 15 to 25), of about 15m² each, housing a different game, with many advantages:

1/Possibility to have 15 to 19 teams of 4 – 6 people playing Simultaneously!!! with 60/90/120min sessions!

2/The possibility to come back to improve your score! This guaranteed loyalty and the challenge will ensure you a constant turnover with a sure margin of progression without additional constraint!

3/ Ideal for company events such as team building or other family events such as ev/g/f.

This type of game is based on the ability of a group to take up challenges related to their physical abilities, also mixing puzzle solving and excavation.

In an Action Game, teams must work together to overcome all sorts of challenges, and achieve the best possible score, either in points (depending on the level of success of the test), or in time (if the goal is to finish the room as quickly as possible).

A combination of speed, reflection, skill, memorization, strategy, action…

A complete experience to strengthen team cohesion and unite the individual strengths of each! Each session has its own set of discoveries and an invitation to get to know each other better by sharing a unique interlude as a team!

This type of game is an excellent opportunity for families and companies: 

  • To encourage their employees to get out of their comfort zone,
  • To teach them something new about each other,
  • To develop their communication skills
  • Create group unity based on trust and recognition of each other’s abilities.

It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to break the ice within a group, strengthen the bonds between team members, or simply allow employees to relax while reinforcing their sense of belonging to the group that is the company.

This type of game is also often played by groups of friends wishing to discover new types of events, and who wish to surpass themselves in order to reach their objectives.

Eludice, expert in the creation of immersive games for more than 5 years, accompanies you in the creation and installation of this type of game. We will help you from A to Z to create the game of your dreams, and that will make your customers dream.

Send us an email, or give us a call, we can’t wait to hear from you and start working with you.

See you soon!

Eludice Team