Advergame ( Advertising Game)


The advergame or advertising video game is a video game that seeks solely to promote the image of a brand. The word advergame is a neologism that comes from the combination of advertisement and game.

ELUDICE supports companies in these immersive game solutions to enhance their brand!

The game brings a fundamental break in the relationship between the consumer and the brand. This break is made possible by the very nature of the video game. The game allows the consumer to be immersed to a far greater extent than in any other medium. This leads to high brand exposure times of up to several dozen minutes. The advergame makes the consumer active, the latter participates in the game while having fun.

The advergame allows the brand to express itself in terms of its graphic architecture, its commercial identity, the design of the game environment or the message to be transmitted. The game’s settings and characters are there to translate the brand’s universe and values.

What are the objectives
of the advergame?

1) To develop your notoriety

ELUDICE proposes to enhance the image that your brand sends to your target audience thanks to the advergame. The latter will create the interaction necessary to improve the memorization of the product or the idea that your brand wishes to convey. Nowadays, the most attractive advergames are those played in a network with several gamers or friends. They offer the possibility of spreading brand information from one person to another.

2) Increase your sales force

These actions are made possible by increasing your brand awareness or by offering gifts or discount coupons at the end of the game. It is also possible to create a kind of competition between players in order to increase the value of possible gains. The rivalry that is established between gamers reinforces the impact of the game and involves the consumer even more in the course of the game.
This form of communication positively reinforces the intention to buy the products featured in the games.

3) Boost your recruitment (customers and staff)

It is common to find a sponsorship system at the end of advergames or the possibility of inviting friends to play in a network or to beat a score reached.
This interactivity will ensure team cohesion and significant advantages for your brand (ownership of the brand by the customer).
It allows you to bring the game to life and to gather as much information as possible about the users.

Example: ELUDICE can create a gameplay composed of easy-to-learn mini-games motivated by a competition. In order to play, membership of the group is necessary and your brand can gradually develop its own brand community.