Escape Game
Lock your players in an immersive room! They will have one hour to get out of there by solving original enigmas.

Serious Game
Learn while having fun? It is possible! The Serious Game uses the game as a learning tool.

Event game
Guarantee a wow effect during your events with our custom-made games that are quick to install!

Indoor / outdoor courses
Our courses take possession of your spaces to transform them into real playful adventures!

VR / Virtual Reality
Push back the walls and the laws of physics to travel in parallel worlds! Beware, you will not come out unscathed…

Murder Party
Animate your evenings around an investigation to be solved in team, supervised by actors immersing you in an immersive universe!

Our kits are presented in the form of a case to be installed in the space of your choice. You will find inside all the necessary material to set up an adaptable and immersive game at a lower cost.

The Container
The Container is a mobile Escape Game lasting 15 minutes and taking place in a storytelling room. The twist? You find yourself completely immersed in the dark! Don’t hesitate to rent it for your events

You dream of a travelling game? We adapt to create for you the game that will make you travel. We have designed a mobile Escape Game in two communicating vans that travel throughout France.

Interactive terminals
We can also offer a game fully integrated into an interactive terminal. Ideal for many players in small groups!