Escape Game
Lock your players in an immersive room! They will have one hour to get out of there by solving original enigmas.

Serious Game
Learn while having fun? It is possible! The Serious Game uses the game as a learning tool.

Event game
Guarantee a wow effect during your events with our custom-made games that are quick to install!

Indoor / outdoor courses
Our courses take possession of your spaces to transform them into real playful adventures!

VR / Virtual Reality
Push back the walls and the laws of physics to travel in parallel worlds! Beware, you will not come out unscathed…

Murder Party
Animate your evenings around an investigation to be solved in team, supervised by actors immersing you in an immersive universe!

Our kits are presented in the form of a case to be installed in the space of your choice. You will find inside all the necessary material to set up an adaptable and immersive game at a lower cost.

The Container
The Container is a mobile Escape Game lasting 15 minutes and taking place in a storytelling room. The twist? You find yourself completely immersed in the dark! Don’t hesitate to rent it for your events

You dream of a travelling game? We adapt to create for you the game that will make you travel. We have designed a mobile Escape Game in two communicating vans that travel throughout France.

Interactive terminals
We can also offer a game fully integrated into an interactive terminal. Ideal for many players in small groups!

Why choose ELUDICE ?
Choosing Eludice means guaranteeing you a tailor-made and qualitative project.
Thanks to the realization of a hundred of custom-made rooms, some of which are ranked among the best rooms in France, Eludice has quickly positioned itself as a leader in the design of custom-made Escape Games.
Do you have a desire? We have the means to make it happen for you!

What services do we offer?
We offer different services, all focused on fun. From the traditional Escape Game to the edutainment course, from the simple atmosphere booklet to the turnkey realization, we adapt ourselves to answer your desires, and will take up the challenges with pleasure! Please contact us to discuss the feasibility of your project!

What is an Escape game?
An escape game consists in being locked in a specialized room for a certain period of time. You have to solve puzzles to get out and claim victory.
Generally, the duration of an escape game is 1 hour, some parts can last more or less.

How to get an Escape Game scenario?
To write an escape game scenario, you need to ask yourself three essential questions. What is your target audience, what is the theme, what are the objectives and what happens if the players succeed or fail?

Is it possible to have a custom Escape Game scenario?
Our overflowing imagination may not have thought of everything! At Eludice, we write your custom scenarios, but you can also opt for our scenarios available online.
Dare to contact us for any specific or crazy request, we will be happy to study your project!

What is the difference between a Classic Escape Game, a Franchise Escape Game and a Licensed Escape Game?
In a classic Escape Game, you don’t pay any commissions or royalties, because the operation depends only on you.
In a franchised Escape Game, you benefit from a pre-established strategy by the franchisor, who provides you with a visual identity and a graphic charter. You join a network of franchisees, and everything is standardized.
By choosing a licensed Escape Game, you will gain access to many advantages, such as access to a community of millions of fans, and you will benefit from the brand image and notoriety of the property and the licensee. For example, a licensed Terminator theater, the community around this movie exceeds 3.5 million fans who receive information about the existence of an official theater. In addition, you avoid the legal problems associated with copying a property and creating an unofficial theater.
Want to know more about licensed rooms? Contact us for more information!

What is the budget to start an Escape Game?
Since each request is different, it is impossible to give you a global price. Indeed, the latter varies according to the type of service chosen (Escape Game, briefcases, outdoor course…), the place of realization, the type of mechanism you wish to integrate, the level of technology desired…
We invite you to contact us in order to study your project and to give it a fair price!

How long does it take to create an Escape Game?
The time needed to create an Escape Game varies according to the level of technology of the objects and puzzles included in the room, the location of your game, the custom-made aspect and the budget allocated. On average, each project takes about 6 months to complete.
However, if you are a do-it-yourselfer and want to build your modules and decorations yourself, you can opt for our DIY rooms.
You will have a detailed design file of a hundred pages to realize your room in the time that suits you.
For a quick feasibility study and a quality creation, call on our teams to accompany you.

How much space do I need to design my Escape Game?
We recommend that you have at least one room with a surface area of 30 square meters to create an Escape Game room that can accommodate 6 players,
You have less than 30 square meters and want to create a room? We have a solution for you, contact us!

How many players can I accommodate in my game room?
Generally speaking, game rooms are designed to accommodate between 2 and 10 players. But in reality you can accommodate many more, it all depends on the scenario, the care brought to the immersion and your surface.

What is a Game Master? What is his role?
The Game Master is the one who receives the players, he is the one who starts the immersion, he counts the scenario and explains to the players what their mission is.
His role is also to guide and lock up the players, to watch them, to bring help to the players if needed, to make sure that the game goes well.
He also ensures the safety of the players thanks to the camera system present in the room.

How to make my Escape Game known?
First of all you must have a visual identity and a graphic charter that will allow you to evolve on the rest of your communication.
Once this step is completed, you can consider making posters, flyers, a website etc. … We advise you to start with social networks Facebook, Instagram, twitter and linkedin to reach your target and especially to let people know that you exist and that you are opening soon if it is not already done!
Do you need help? Contact us!

Should I create a website or should I use an external solution?
A website has the advantage of belonging to you, so it is up to you to manage the referencing of the site and the communication strategy.
An external solution which proposes to manage your reservations must be studied with precautions, the expenses related to this type of platform are not negligible moreover you are dependent on it.
Our advice, make your own website! Do you need help? Contact us !

What is our protocol ?
1. A first contact
. Our commercial secretary guides you in defining your project and answers all your questions. She advises you in your choices and sends you all the necessary documentation to help you in the progress of your project.

2. Your project
. You wish to fit out your premises (partitioning, creation of a reception area…)? It is quite possible to call upon us in order to study the request.
. The project manager will meet you in a second time to discuss your project in more detail, in order to understand your wishes as well as their feasibility.
. This allows us to carry out a preliminary study which starts a scenario, an idea of the general atmosphere of the room as well as the main enigmas. This step is essential because it is the basis for the realization of a design book.

3. Design booklet
. It includes the architectural plan of the room, the scenario, the puzzles, the media and the general layout of the room. It allows you to have all the cards in hand to realize your rooms in case you wish to call upon your own craftsmen; we will however remain available to advise you.

4. Realization
. If you wish to call upon our multidisciplinary teams in order to realize your rooms, we buy, manufacture the various elements of the room (decoration, modules…)

5. installation
. Our team moves and installs your play area. We proceed to various tests and if necessary to the adjustments which are necessary. We can also train you in order to welcome your future customers, as well as to put back in place all the enigmas after each session.