Among its animation methods, ELUDICE develops immersive games in order to put participants in situations and to impregnate them with sometimes complex themes.

The game encourages exchanges and reflection in a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Our game solutions enable you to engage your employees around themes such as
  • Workplace safety (occupational risks),
  • Disability in companies,
  • Equality between men and women,
  • HR Recruitment theme.
  • Quality of Life at Work & Health theme
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or ESG (Environmental, Social and
  • Governance criteria) theme
  • Diversity and Inclusion theme

Your brand will thus be able to obtain :

  • Positive and fun communication around key themes.
  • Reinforcement of prevention, awareness, precaution and safety messages within the team.
  • Development of a healthy, safe and secure corporate culture.