From creation to design tab : Work process

During your first contact, you explain your desires and dreams to our sales department, which will take the time to answer all your questions and advise you.
Our sales representatives will establish a first estimate that they will readjust with you until the signature.
From the signature your project will be able to start and will be entrusted to the expert hands of a project manager who will be your unique interlocutor during all the period of realization, until the procedure of reception.

The drafting of the preliminary study makes it possible to advance simultaneously on the conception of the scenario as well as on the technical aspects of feasibility.
This step is essential to bring a clarification to a set of questions of a technical nature and will secure the passage of ideas to their concretization and controlled manner. (consistency of the budget and the project).

This includes :
A summary scenario, a pitch to contextualise the storyline of the room
Summary puzzles, a step-by-step process presenting the players’ path(s) in a summary manner
Visual identity, a sketch of the room’s atmosphere, using reference images from photography, cinema and video games, among others
– Electrical requirements, a plan allowing you to start the electrical work in your room in accordance with the planned puzzles.

Once the design specifications have been validated, our engineers gather in the design office:
– the division of the project into tasks and their planning
– the choice of implementation techniques,
the technical construction plans,
the ordering of raw materials,
– the organisation of logistics.

Once the preliminary study has been validated, our game designers write the design brief, including :
– the detailed scenario,
– the detailed and illustrated puzzles,
– the room’s scenography (3D images so that you can project yourself),
– the flowchart,
– the technical sheets of the mechanisms present in your room,
– a visual of the Game Master interface,
– a reference list detailing the fixed decoration, the mobile decoration, the modified or unmodified game elements, the special effects and the media supports.

After validation of the design specifications, and only after validation, we start the production phase. Our workshop creates the room from A to Z: partitions, electricity, decoration on the walls, floor and ceiling, all the game elements, the mobile decoration as well as the mechanisms – and the integration of the latter into the partitions if necessary.
The room is assembled in our workshop and we carry out a first series of tests and adjustments on site, then dismantle it and reassemble it on site. A team comes to your premises to carry out a final test session, install the GM room, train the GMs and carry out some decorative finishing touches.

Of course, we remain at your disposal after the opening of your sign. You have a 6 month guarantee for all the elements of your escape game (excluding breakage and misuse).