“The maturity of man is to have regained the seriousness we had at play when we were children. ” – Friedrich Nietzsche 

The Escape world has not finished surprising you. Following ELUDICE’s recent takeover by ELYST, the skills are now optimised.


Do you know John Doe Escape Game? An Escape Game network created in 2015 by three passionate associates!

ELYST had notably installed existing electronic modules in game rooms, on many exceptional JOHN DOE rooms notably in LILLE but also in STRASBOURG & in LYON.

Guillaume Groell, John Doe Co-Founder: “We called upon ELYST for the installation of several of our homemade modules when we opened in LYON as well as to troubleshoot our Temple room which could be temperamental! ELYST intervened quickly and allowed us to continue operating the rooms more serenely.”  

Whether you’re in the middle of a drug deal in a CASINO, trapped in a temple in HIMALAYA, incarcerated in a specific PRISON or buried in a mining MINE, you’ll find yourself immersed in an immersive experience unlike any other. 

Has this piqued your curiosity? 

See you in the JOHN DOE rooms: Escape Game JOHN DOE – Team and cohesion game https://www.john-doe.fr/ 

What about you? Tell us which is your favourite escape room?