Have you ever dreamed of entering the fantastic universe of your favorite cartoons? Like an Alice in Wonderland discovering worlds she could never have imagined, going from one universe to another, weaving in and out of the story lines…

This is the experience we have imagined for Pandora & Associates by creating a real journey between different worlds that will be most familiar to you. Come and lose yourself in the sea wrecks alongside the Little Mermaid, in Snow White’s castle or in a famous little gingerbread house. Your role in this strange universe? You have been recruited for a simple maintenance operation. A small breakdown that could actually hide a big threat for your favorite characters…

In total, there are no less than seven different worlds within a single adventure spread over nearly 130m2, which makes it the largest escape game in Paris. A real challenge for Eludice because we had never made an escape game of this size: the size of the premises but also monumental scenery, mechanisms and complex special effects, each more innovative than the next.

A real technical challenge that we took up together with the gamification agency, Les Coqs en pâte. A collaboration that had already proven itself during an event-based escape game for the 100 years of Coca-Cola. As the project’s sponsor, Les Coqs en pâte came to us with their crazy dream, a theme and a location, and together we imagined this magical world in which you can evolve today.

After opening its doors at the end of June, the Coqs en pâte escape game quickly found its audience; many escape game enthusiasts came to try their hand at the puzzles invented by our craziest designers. The result: positive feedback from both players and experts in the field.

L’Escapeur gave Pandore & Associés the top spot in the Parisian escape games with 5/5.
“Magnificent yes that’s the word for this room with a decoration of an unequalled quality in Paris, here we recognize the quality of the work of Eludice and his team associated with the imagination of Coq en Pâtes a fusion to the DBZ that would give a real “Gogéta” of the decorations of the escape game.”

The best escape game gives no less than 20/20 to the Rules of Tales!
“Bluffing decors, playful enigmas and hallucinating attention to detail… Three ingredients of “Rules of Contes” thanks to which the magic works. Pandora and Associates is a must-see in the capital with a first room that can be described as “zero defects”. Our only advice: keep your hands and arms inside the carpet… And let’s go!”

Immersive Experience confirms it:
“There are almost no false notes in this Tale Rules co-signed by Coq en Pâtes and Eludice who participated in the game design, the realization of the famous sets and mechanisms and special effects!”

So don’t hesitate any longer and go and dive into the wonderful world of Pandora & Associates!