You want to open an escape game and don’t know where to start? Here are some tips to help you in your search.

1. Find out your market

Our best advice before you launch? Go to all the escape games in your area. Not only will this allow you to know the different themes that have been exploited but it will also give you an idea of how the mechanisms work. It will also give you the opportunity to talk to the escape game managers about the design of their rooms and learn more about their background.

2. Create your business plan

From the data you have collected previously, you can already describe the existing offer in your region and explain the added value of your proposal. It will also be during this step that you will be able to carry out online surveys in order to identify the desires of your future customers and your core target. You will also develop the business model that you want to follow for your future business.

All these elements will be integrated into your business plan, which is fundamental for your project because it is the plan that synthesizes these different elements and it is thanks to it that you will be able to communicate. Indeed, it is above all a communication tool, which can prove to be essential to convince the banks to accept your loan application.

3. Look for a location beforehand

It doesn’t seem like much, but finding a suitable location for your business can be particularly tedious. It must be easily accessible, have enough space to install escape game rooms, possibly in a busy street. The process can be even longer in areas where real estate is in short supply, such as Paris. Renting your premises will be a big step in the opening of your establishment, it is the beginning of the design of the rooms!

4. Consult professionals

Don’t hesitate to ask professionals to accompany you throughout the creation of your escape game: an architect, an electrician, a plasterer… All of these people will be able to provide you with their knowledge and give you the best advice in very specific areas and will allow you to have people close by in case of a problem.

Moreover, if you don’t have skills in game design, decoration or mechanics, we highly recommend consulting escape game designers like Eludice who will bring you their know-how and experience in the field of escape games.

5. Stand out from the crowd!

There are nearly 800 brands in France for more than 2,000 escape game rooms, a good reason to get off the beaten track, stand out thanks to your decorations, your staging, your game mastering, your theme, the bias of your scenario, your mechanisms… In short, stand out! Escape game fans like to be surprised, we see it every day, they want to live an immersive experience that will transport them into another universe, it’s up to you to take them there!

We hope that these few tips will help you know what steps to take before you start creating an escape game. If you still have any hesitations or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to answer them!