The 100 years of the Coca-Cola brand at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris

“How about a summer escape game? So let’s meet at the Palais de Tokyo from June 8 to September 30, 2019 to solve mysteries and other puzzles proposed in an ephemeral escape game and out of time … We book, friends?

Fans of escape games meet at the Palais de Tokyo to discover an ephemeral escape game since June 8 and until September 30, 2019. A brand new adventure that invites families and puzzle lovers to try to solve the mysteries of three rooms and unlock a treasure!

An adventure imagined by the gamification agency Coqs en pâte, manufactured by the company Eludice, specialized in the design and realization of games and custom spaces, and offered by Coca-Cola.

What does this escape game consist of? An investigation in time where visitors, in groups of five, will have to find three bottle caps hidden in three rooms and use them to open a chest discovered in the basement of the Palais de Tokyo. Discover the rest of the article on the Sortiraparis website.